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Les Faidits is a new international project (Belgium and Netherlands) founded by Jurgen Cobbaut and Kris Scheerlinck. The line up :

Jurgen Cobbaut (grunts,storyline, ex-Sengir),

Mark Jansen (screams, ex-After Forever, Sahara Dust),

Kristell Lowagie (female vocals),

Stijn Bannier (synths,orchestral arrangements, choirs / Morning),

Jonne Ziengs (keys, The Wounded),

Kris Scheerlinck (composition, guitar, Sengir),

Ronny Tijssen (guitar, Callenish Circle),

Ingrid Heijen (bass, ex-Black Wish)

Ivar De Graaf (ex-Within Temptation)

The site will be designed by Zorak (

The band will play doom/gothic-metal in the vein of the old Amorphis, old Paradise Lost and old Anathema. The theme for this project will be the history of les faidits. Les Faidits is occitan and stands for ‘outlaws’.

They were knights who had been deprived of their possessions and formed angry bands to terrorise the south of France.

You can contact the band at :

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