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Metal Mind Productions annonce la sortie pour la fin de ce mois d’un box du groupe de Behemoth. L’originalité de ce box est qu’il contiendra non pas 5 CD, mais 5 vinyls ! Sa date de sortie est fixée au 30 septembre.

Behemoth est un groupe de black métal fondé en 1991. Le box intitulé “Historica” sera complété par un poster au format A2. Il est l’occasion de retracer la carrière de Behemoth avec des remasterisations, des inédits et des lives.

Liste des titres par albums :

And The Forest Dream Eternally

  1. Transylvanian Forest
  2. Moonspell Rites
  3. Pure Evil And Hate
  4. Forgotten Empire Of Dark Witchcraft
  5. With Spell Of Inferno (Mefisto)
  6. Hidden in The Fog
  7. Sventevith Storming Near The Baltic (version 97)
  8. Sventevith Storming Near The Baltic (version 94)

Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)

  1. Chant of the Eastern Lands
  2. The Touch of Nya
  3. From the Pagan Vastlands
  4. Hidden in the Fog
  5. Ancient
  6. Entering the Faustian Soul
  7. Forgotten Cult of Aldaron
  8. Wolves Guard My Coffin
  9. Hell Dwells in Ice


  1. Intro
  2. The Dark Forest (cast me your spell)
  3. Spellcraft and Heathendom
  4. Dragon’s Lair (cosmic flames and four barbaric seasons)
  5. Lasy Pomorza
  6. Thou Shatt Forever Win
  7. Grom

Pandemonic Incantations

  1. Diableria (The Great Introduction)
  2. Thousand Plagues I Witness
  3. Satan’s Sword (I Have Become)
  4. In Thy Pandemaeternum
  5. Driven By The Five-Winged Star
  6. The Past Is Like Funeral
  7. The Entrance To The Spheres Of Mars
  8. With Spell Of Inferno*
  9. Chwała Mordercom Wojciecha (997-1997 dziesięć wieków hańby)

* Bonus track (previously only released in Poland)

Live in Toulouse + Rarites

  1. Diableria (The Great Introductions) – Live
  2. The Thousand Plagues I Witnessed – Live
  3. Satan’s Sword (I Have Become) – Live
  4. From the Pagan Vastlands – Live
  5. Driven By The Five-Winged Star – Live
  6. The Dark Triumph (Originally appears on “The return of the northern moon” demo 1992)
  7. Cursed Angel Of Doom (Originally appears on “Endless Damnation” reh. Demo tape 1992 e. v.)
  8. Total Disaster (coversong of DESTRUCTION, released never before!)
  9. Freezing Moon (coversong of the true MAYHEM, released never before!)
  10. Carnage (coversong of the true MAYHEM, released never before!)

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