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Trois albums des légendaires The Cure vont être réédités. Chaque réédition sera accompagnée d’un CD bonus. Les albums qui seront remasterisés sont “The Top”, “The Head On The Door” et “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me”. Notez aussi que l’album “Blue Sunshine” de The Glove, projet parallèle de Robert Smith, sera réédité en même temps.

Outre un CD bonus avec chacun des albums, ils contiendront tous des photos inédites, les paroles des chansons et des notes du groupe. L’emballage a aussi été revu.

Liste des morceaux de l’album “The Top” :

  1. Shake Dog Shake
  2. Birdmad Girl
  3. Wailing Wall
  4. Give Me It
  5. Dressing Up
  6. The Caterpillar
  7. Piggy In The Mirror
  8. The Empty World
  9. Bananafishbones
  10. The Top

CD bonus

  1. You Stayed… (Robert Smith Home Demo)
  2. Ariel (Robert Smith Home Demo)
  3. A Hand Inside My Mouth (Studio Demo)
  4. Sadacic (Robert Smith Studio Demo)
  5. Shake Dog Shake (Studio Demo)
  6. Piggy in the Mirror (Studio Demo)
  7. Birdmad Girl (Studio Demo)
  8. Give Me It (Studio Demo)
  9. Throw Your Foot (Studio Demo)
  10. Happy the Man (Studio Demo)
  11. The Caterpillar (Studio Demo)
  12. Dressing Up (Studio Alt. Mix)
  13. Wailing Wall (Studio Alt. Mix)
  14. The Empty World (Live Bootleg)
  15. Bananafish Bones (Live Bootleg)
  16. The Top (Live Bootleg)
  17. Forever (Version) (Live Bootleg)

Liste des morceaux de l’album “The Head On The Door” :

  1. In Between Days
  2. Kyoto Song
  3. The Blood
  4. Six Different Ways
  5. Push
  6. The Baby Screams
  7. Close to Me
  8. A Night Like This
  9. Screw
  10. Sinking

CD bonus

  1. In Between Days (Robert Smith Home Demo)
  2. Inwood (Robert Smith Home Demo)
  3. Push (Robert Smith Home Demo)
  4. Innsbruck (Robert Smith Home Demo)
  5. Stop Dead (Studio Demo)
  6. Mansolidgone (Studio Demo)
  7. Screw (Studio Demo)
  8. Lime Time (Studio Demo)
  9. Kyoto Song (Studio Demo)
  10. A Few Hours After This… (Studio Demo)
  11. Six Different Ways (Studio Demo)
  12. A Man Inside My Mouth (Studio Demo)
  13. A Night Like This (Studio Demo)
  14. The Exploding Boy (Studio Demo)
  15. Close to Me (Studio Demo)
  16. The Baby Screams (Live Bootleg)
  17. The Blood (Live Bootleg)
  18. Sinking (Live Bootleg)

Liste des morceaux de l’album “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me” :

  1. The Kiss
  2. Catch
  3. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
  4. Why Can’t I Be You?
  5. How Beautiful You Are…
  6. Snakepit
  7. Hey You!
  8. Just Like Heaven
  9. All I Want
  10. Hot Hot Hot!!!
  11. One More Time
  12. Like Cockatoos
  13. Icing Sugar
  14. The Perfect Girl
  15. A Thousand Hours
  16. Shiver and Shake
  17. Fight

CD bonus

  1. The Kiss (Robert Smith Home Demo)
  2. The Perfect Girl (Studio Demo)
  3. Like Cockatoos (Studio Demo)
  4. All I Want (Studio Demo)
  5. Hot Hot Hot!!! (Studio Demo)
  6. Shiver and Shake (Studio Demo)
  7. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (Studio Demo)
  8. Just Like Heaven (Studio Demo)
  9. Hey You! (Studio Demo)
  10. A Thousand Hours (Studio Alt. Mix)
  11. Icing Sugar (Studio Alt. Mix)
  12. One More Time (Studio Alt. Mix)
  13. How Beautiful You Are (Live Bootleg)
  14. The Snakepit (Live Bootleg)
  15. Catch (Live Bootleg)
  16. Torture (Live Bootleg)
  17. Fight (Live Bootleg)
  18. Why Can’t I Be You? (Live Bootleg)

Liste des morceaux de l’album “Blue Sunshine” de The Glove :

  1. Like an Animal
  2. Looking Glass Girl
  3. Sex-Eye-Make-Up
  4. Mr. Alphabet Says
  5. A Blues in Drag
  6. Punish Me With Kisses
  7. This Green City
  8. Orgy
  9. Perfect Murder
  10. Relax
  11. The Man From Nowhere (Original Instrumental Mix)
  12. Mouth to Mouth (Landray Vocal Mix)
  13. Punish Me With Kisses (Mike Hedges Mix)
  14. The Tightrope (Original Instrumental Mix)
  15. Like an Animal (12″ Club What Club? Mix)

CD bonus

  1. Like an Animal (Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  2. Looking Glass Girl (Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  3. Sex-Eye-Make-Up (Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  4. Mr. Alphabet Says (Alt. Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  5. A Blues in Drag (Alt. Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  6. Punish Me With Kisses (Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  7. This Green City (Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  8. Orgy (Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  9. Perfect Murder (Alt. Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  10. Relax (Alt. Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  11. The Man From Nowhere (Alt. Instrumental Mix)
  12. Mouth to Mouth (Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  13. Opened the Box (A Waltz) (Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  14. The Tightrope (Almost Time) (Robert Smith Vocal Demo)
  15. And All Around Us the Mermaids Sang (aka Torment)
  16. Holiday 80 (Original Instrumental Mix)

Les dates de sorties restent encore à fixer.

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