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Le label Rhino sortira à l’automne un coffret consacré aux monstres du heavy metal. Pas moins de quatre disques au programme. La compilation s’intitulera “Heavy Metal Box”. Sa date de sortie a été fixée au 2 octobre prochain. Le coffret comprendra quatre CDs pour un total de 70 morceaux de groupes classiques du genre.

Les titres seront proposés de façon chronologique couvrant les années allant de 1968 à 1991. Parmi les groupes, il y aura Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper et Iron Butterfly pour les plus anciens. Parmi les plus récents, on trouvera Metallica, Pantera et Sepultura.

Le livret qui accompagnera le coffret sera bourré de photos. On y trouver aussi des commentaires sur chacun des titres et des interviews de Ronnie James Dio et Lita Ford.

Liste des morceaux du coffret “Heavy Metal Box” :

CD 1

  • “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”, Iron Butterfly
  • “Summertime Blues”, Blue Cheer
  • “Easy Livin”, Uriah Heep
  • “Highway Star”, Deep Purple
  • “Billion Dollar Babies”, Alice Cooper
  • “Lost Johnny”, Hawkwind
  • “Bad Motor Scooter”, Montrose
  • “Working Man”, Rush
  • “Man on the Silver Mountain”, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow
  • “Detroit Rock City”, Kiss
  • “The Ripper”, Judas Priest
  • “Cat Scratch Fever”, Ted Nugent
  • “Lights Out”, UFO
  • “Godzilla”, Blue Oyster Cult
  • “Demolition Boys”, Girlschool
  • “White Witch”, Angel Witch
  • “The Phantom of the Opera”, Iron Maiden
  • “Neon Knights”, Black Sabbath

CD 2

  • “Ace of Spades”, Motorhead
  • “Am I Evil?”, Diamond Head
  • “Nice Boys”, Rose Tattoo
  • “Attack of the Mad Axeman”, Michael Schenker Group
  • “Denim and Leather”, Saxon
  • “Blitzkrieg”, Blitzkrieg
  • “Gangland”, Tygers Of Pan Tang
  • “Witching Hour”, Venom
  • “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'”, Judas Priest
  • “The Number of the Beast”, Iron Maiden
  • “Star War”, Raven
  • “Say What You Will”, Fastway
  • “Black Funeral”, Mercyful Fate
  • “Animal (F**k Like A Beast)”, W.A.S.P.
  • “Mean Streak”, Y&T
  • “Holy Diver”, Dio
  • “Queen of the Reich”, Queensrÿche
  • “Whiplash”, Metallica

CD 3

  • “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, Scorpions
  • “Metal Health”, Quiet Riot
  • “Into the Fire”, Dokken
  • “Balls to the Wall”, Accept
  • “Round and Round”, Ratt
  • “I Wanna Rock”, Twisted Sister
  • “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, Hanoi Rocks
  • “Big Bottom”, Spinal Tap
  • “Midnite Maniac”, Krokus
  • “I’ll See the Light, Tonight”, Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force
  • “Crazy Nights”, Loudness
  • “Shake Me”, Cinderella
  • “Watch the Children Pray”, Metal Church
  • “To Hell with The Devil”, Stryper
  • “A Little Time”, Helloween
  • “Wrecking Crew”, Overkill
  • “Caught in a Mosh”, Anthrax
  • “Peace Sells”, Megadeth

CD 4

  • “Still of the Night”, Whitesnake
  • “Rock Me”, Great White
  • “Talk Dirty to Me”, Poison
  • “Bathroom Wall”, Faster Pussycat
  • “Hall of the Mountain King”, Savatage
  • “Kiss Me Deadly”, Lita Ford
  • “Hail and Kill”, Manowar
  • “Trial by Fire”, Testament
  • “Welcome Home”, King Diamond
  • “South of Heaven”, Slayer
  • “One”, Metallica
  • “Cult of Personality”, Living Colour
  • “Youth Gone Wild”, Skid Row
  • “Cowboys from Hell”, Pantera
  • “Beg to Differ”, Prong
  • “Dead Embryonic Cells”, Sepultura

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